Tuesday 25 February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

Glad to see the live release. I loved the GEAR fit. Wanting it, For testing in my hands. Whether it satisfies my necessities. Bcoz I don't accept until or unless I approve it. C.E.O supports it bcoz its his product and he have to. How can they tell that their customers needs are satisfied.
1. Increase in battery for 2800 and increase the screen size both are one and the same.
2. Camera changed from 13MP to 16MP. But it still juts out at the back of the phone and prone to scratches. (Out-standing from the phone :-P)
3. Secure finger print reader at home button offers a good fight to iPhone 5s (Samsung s5-iPhone 5s).
4. Kids mode was a decent idea.
5. 4-Colors & heart rate scanner for people with b.p, diabetics and heart problem patients are impressive.

Release date is April 21st and more details will be given later that's what they told....

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