Monday 9 December 2013

Yam Wafers

Yam wafers are very light snack item. Suitable for all the age groups. Because, we use (less oil) max 2-3drops of oil to spread on the plate.

Simple and easy Steps to make Yam Wafers:

1. Cut yam into thin slices
2. Apply oil to a microwavable plate
3. Arrange the sliced yams as shown in the photo
4. Microwave for 2:00mins
5. Take it out and turn all the wafers
6. Microwave again till its crispy (may be another 2&1/2min)
7. Collect it in a bowl
8. Add jeera powder, chilli powder & salt to taste
9. Close the bowl Shake it
10. Serve warm....

Sunday 11 August 2013

Paper Quilling..

My first paper Quilling that I had tried. A sample pic picked from internet as a 1st trial. So it was really awesome time to have papers all around and play with them, pick your own colors of them, thinking how to make and giving work for your brains... It's good & I want at least few people to learn this art...

My paper quilling as a greeting card to a girl baby. 

Monday 22 July 2013


Its a good exercise/habit.. Having good and bad experiences add-on to the normal life.
Meeting strangers, making friends.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Karbonn S5 titanium

Hi everyone....

Got my new Karbonn S5 by Its pretty cool but dual sim & network settings of APN is difficulty part. It disables internet overall.. We can't select network from which we need to use the data. So its my opinion & it can be solved by them in their next mobile.

Friday 24 May 2013


Slow readers with a tendency for fast hair growth, luck is finally on your side.

Use silly & funny bookmarks which keep u interested & that shifts from bookmark to the page where u kept.

All the best to readers...